Aims & Values

At Patchwork Day Nursery & Pre-School our aim is to provide high quality care and education with a flexible approach to meet your needs.

Patchwork’s Aims

  • To provide high quality care and education
  • To provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment
  • To ensure all children feel included, secure and valued whatever their ethnic, cultural, religious or family background, home language, special educational needs, gender, ability or disability
  • To provide professional, qualified staff at all times
  • To encourage self-development and self-esteem
  • To encourage each child to engage in the learning process
  • To observe and respond to each child according to their individual needs
  • To build a working partnership with parents
  • To extend upon each child’s knowledge and skills by introducing them to new experiences and challenges though purposeful activities, consolidating and extending their learning
  • To provide opportunities for focused & non-focused activities initiated the child