All eligible 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours per week at Patchwork. We offer this on a term time only basis for 38 weeks each year. These funded hours are known as the universal hours and they begin the term after your child’s third birthday providing their birthday falls before the cut-off date. If it does not funding will not start until the following term. The cut off dates are:

  • 31st August for the September to December term
  • 31st December for the January to April term
  • 31st March for the May to August term

In addition to this, children may also be eligible for a further 15 funded hours known as the extended hours provided parents meet the criteria. To see  if you are eligible for 30 funded hours you must go to website. There will be various links to guide you through on how to apply. Once you have applied you will be given a decision straight away to state if you are entitled or not.

Questions and Answers: 

What do you do once you have applied and are successful?
If you are successful in your application you will be given an eligibility code and a expiry date, you must take these details to your nursery provider before the start of the term along with your National Insurance number to be able to claim your hours.

Can the funded hours be used in more than one setting?
Yes it can but only over two settings .

How long can the funded hours be per day?

The funded hours can be no more than 10 hours per day.

If you are on maternity can you still apply for the funded hours?
Yes you can.

If you are on a zero contract can you still apply?
Yes you will have to check your eligibility on the Childcare Choices Website.

How long are the funded hours for?
The funded hours claimed at Patchwork cover up to 38 weeks of the year, term time only.

If you wish to take more hours per week outside the funded hours can you?
Yes, you can do more hours outside the funded hours and you will be charged for any extra hours at our hourly rate.

If your child already attends a setting will they automatically be able to increase their hours once they are eligible for the 30 hours?

Yes, provided there is availability. At Patchwork we are very flexible and try to accommodate parents childcare needs as much as possible.

If you want your child to start half way through the term are you able to sign them up for the 30 hours?
No unfortunately you must take up the 30 funded hours at the start of each term.

If you are a single parent are you eligible for the funded hours?
This will depend on the individual circumstances so it is best to check the Childcare Choices Website.

Can the setting charge for any additional services i.e. food, snacks, wipes, nappies etc?
Yes they can.

For information on funding please click here to visit the child care choices website.