Jeremy Fishers 3-4yrs

The Pre-School is based in a light purpose built building separate from the Nursery and caters for children aged 3-4 years. It is always buzzing with energy as the children begin their first steps towards mainstream education. There are lots of amazing opportunities for the children to learn whilst playing, including early reading and maths skills, creative arts and imaginative role play. Activities and play experiences are individually planned around the interests and needs of the children to ensure each child is challenged and given chance to learn and develop at their own pace, whilst having lots of fun of course! Children are encouraged to be independent and autonomous, whilst developing a lively, enquiring mind.

Helped and supported by our caring and nurturing team of staff, our ratio of 1:8 ensures that every child can really benefit from all the individual care and attention needed, before moving on to school.

Outdoor Play

Pre-School is very lucky to have a very large garden connected to the main building, with an array of structures and activities areas for the children to engage their imagination with. Including a large sandpit, performance stage, mud kitchen, gardening area, Play house, wooden tunnel, balancing beams, cargo net, woodwork bench and even a junk yard car! We encourage the children to play in the garden as much as possible, come rain or shine!

Transition to School

At Patchwork, we aim to instill and encourage self-confidence and a real enjoyment of learning so when they leave to go into Reception each child has the confidence and self-assurance to face the next big step in their lives.

The children’s Key Worker works closely with all schools to arrange visits and play sessions for the children so there is a smooth transition into “big school”.

Towards the end of the summer term, all parents and close family members are invited to our memorable Pre-School Graduation Day. This is a fantastic, if not emotional, occasion and a chance for the families to come together and celebrate their child’s time spent at Patchwork. Celebrations have included a visiting farm with lots of animals including Alpacas as well as transforming the setting into an old fashioned fair ground with games and prizes.