Starting at Patchwork

Patchwork operates a settling in procedure to assist parents to help their child feel comfortable at the nursery or pre-school.

We want each child to:

  • Feel safe and happy in the absence of their parents or carers
  • Recognise other adults as a source of help and friendship
  • Be able to share the new learning experiences enjoyed in the nursery with their parents afterwards

We will:

  • Encourage parents and carers to visit the pre-school with their child during the weeks before their admission date
  • Encourage parents, where appropriate, to separate from their child for brief periods at first, gradually building up to longer absences


We assess how each child is learning and developing by conducting frequent observations. Information gained from the observations along with photographs of the child are used to document their progress in an individual Learning Journey.

We also ask parents to contribute by sharing information about what their child likes to do at home. This information will enable their Key Worker and you to help your child to move on to the next stage.