Tom Kittens 6m-18m

Our cosy Baby Room has been designed to offer a warm, inviting and homely atmosphere where babies have freedom to explore and discover at their own pace. Our caring and nurturing staff who are there because of their love of children and excellent abilities to take care of them, allow parents to go about their day with the peace of mind knowing their little ones are in the best possible hands.

Throughout the day babies have full access to a wide range of exciting and creative play experiences to stimulate and inspire their young developing minds. Whether it’s exploring in the sensory trays, playing with spaghetti or splashing in the water there is always lots to going on!

We often get together with the older children too and enjoy group singing and music time as well as get together for snack and meal times. The toddlers love helping the babies as much as the babies enjoy spending time with the older ones.

Outdoor Play

We believe it’s just as important for the babies to explore the outside world so we have a dedicated baby garden with a sandpit, slide, plants, flowers, ball run, ride on toys, gathering drums and an array of treasure baskets offering natural resources and musical instruments. We try to spend as much time as possible outside in the fresh air playing and having fun.

Settling into Nursery

We provide a very flexible and free of charge settling in period so both parents and little ones feel happy and secure prior to starting. This provides an ideal time for parents to chat about their child’s routine, likes and dislikes, sleep patterns and favourite toys so we can follow your routine at home as much as possible which helps for a smooth transition into nursery. Your child’s keyworker will have special responsibility for your child’s care and well-being, as well as keeping you fully informed about your child’s day including sleeps, food and drink, nappy changes and activities they have enjoyed.

Sleep Room

There is a separate room with cots where babies can sleep and rest during the day as well as a nappy changing area. Each baby has their own personal basket for their nappies, wipes and change of clothes.